Just a Distance of Memory 

     Just a distance of memory 

I can still hear the screams  
         It’s hunting me 

I can still see the dream 
       It’s vivid, and eerier  

   I can’t do anything 
         your absence is killing me

Gone from my world 
   Gone from my eyes 
But your still in my memories 
Your smile 
          Your tears
              Your face
               Your fears 

You’ll still be a part of me 
The goods and the bads 

  The up’s and the downs 

       You’ll still be a part

           But Just as memory 💭

You broke me…

I can never smile for you
You made this pain part of me
I can never smile for you

I can never look at you with adoration
You made me feel worthless
You made this tears fall down like rain
I can never look at you

All the pain you put through me
All the lies you told me
All the fake memories you planted inside of me
You made me feel this way

But you taught me a lesson
The world is cruel
and so are the people in it

You taught me to never believe
To never believe someone
To never set your heart on them
To always expect that they’ll leave you one day

Your the example I learned
I Learned from my mistakes
Now I know what can await me
At any given moment

Cuz’ the world is too cruel
And so are the people in it